Francisco Madrid is an accomplished artistic, portrait and wedding photographer whose portraits combine fantasy with reality,
creating images with romanticism and spectacular appearance.
Madrid lights his photographs in the same way that a painter from the renaissance would paint his subjects.
His wedding photographs are different than anything
than have you seen . Brides and Grooms embracing
each other in the middle of the ocean in the swirling and majestic waters or romantically kissing on top of
of a cliff, Make a spiritual treasure for the couple to keep for ever.
Madrid immersed himself into the world of photography, working with different lighting techniques, acquiring the latest technology
and utilizing strong and vivid colors to create a balanced and beautiful composition.
"I aim to capture the magical moments,
where feeling and passion meet. For me to be responsible to register those memories that only happen once
and can not be recreated,is a privilege."
It's clear that Madrid's originality has drawn the attention of celebrities in Hollywood,as well as the media. His photography is here to stay.
Artist Interviews Magazine commented of Madrid's work: "Each photo is a unique composition
in which Madrid plays with light and color taking the viewer on a journey tinted with fantasy and wonder." Mauricio Saravia